The membership is meant for Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are about to setup of their venture. This membership provides you support and guidance in the form of ideation, mentoring, investment and allied services.
Background story
ICE is the collaboration of the dedicated professionals, from various business streams.
Short Story
ICE Accelerator is a premium accelerator. It is committed to providing the following benefits to its members:
>  Mentoring
>  Funding
>  HR & Legal
>  Media
>  Branding & Digital
>  Growth Tracker
>  Knowledge Session
>  Tutorials
Moreover, it is a structured network that enables entrepreneurs to solve problems, collaborate, innovate, research, invent, scale up, and grow their business.

Our story

ICE is unique acceleration program for Startups with a 5 stage business idea transformation process to nurture the unheard ideas from students, employees, enthusiastic entrepreneurs in making their dreams come true.

Our efforts are to reach out to the founders and bring their ideas to light across industry sectors to ensure the new-age solutions are delivered for the stoned problems.

Our ecosystem is built with required professional services, idea validation, creating the Minimum viable product, business modelling strategies, marketing outreach, legal services, corporate compliances, taxation services, people management, sales cycles, organic customers, investor connect, pitching trials, funding and post funding support.

The key activity of the program enables founders to connect with the industry experts in various forms including the guest lectures, knowledge sharing sessions, workshops, demo-days, promotional campaigns, 1-2-1 Mentoring, funding support.

The program can be opted for a flexible time of 6/9/12/24/36 months based on the complexity of the ideation. The participants can track the programs updates, activity progress at ease on the ICE mobile app, which allows collaboration to a greater extent.


Our Vision is to be accessible for all individuals who dream to make their ideas into a Startup.


Our Mission is to deliver ICE in a professional manner to touch the most remote points of idea discovery and fulfill the Startup journey.
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ICE Accelerator is a premium accelerator. It is committed to providing the following benefits to its members:

Startup Mentoring

For modelling the business idea

Funding Support

For validation of the business idea as prototype

Human Resource & Advisory

For positioning of the prototype for the right sale

Legal Services

For enabling the basic Operations with ease

Branding & Digital

For Valuation to explore the funding opportunities

Sales Training & Support

For providing the Assistance in securing finances

Incubators & Accelerators

For the Services delivery approach

Co-working Spaces

For the Connect and outreach to the masses

Service Providers

For validation of the business idea as prototype
Our aim for is to create a platform for the IDEA Banking and facilitate the necesary actions to nuture them into the live Startups by engaging in strategic advisory, consultancy, mentoring and the delivery of professional services.
Mani Lakkaraju
Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Superly dream team

Our Team has accumulative expertise of 150 man years in dealing with Startups and hand-holding them in the right direction for the TO-BE entrepreneurs in creating the AS-IS startups.
Peopole Expert and HR Consultant
Branding & Advertising Consultant
Mentor & Media
Digital Marketing Consultant & Sales Expert
Company Secretary, Corporate Consultant & Advisor
Early Stage Investor, Mentor & Business/Strategy Advisor
Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist
Intellectual Property & Corporate Lawyer
An Early Stage Entrepreneur is expected to take hundreds of decisions in a day that go to make or break their paths towards building a startup. ICE recognises the need for an inclusive support system that offers entrepreneurs a host of services that is aimed at making their startup journey that much more easier. Becoming a member is the first step towards making your dream come true that makes you a part of the community, which gives members an opportunity to connect with our networks and services.
Once you apply to us, you will undergo a pre-screening process to know your eligibility.